Driving in Mexico

Driving in Mexico requires extra patience for what many American's would view as reckless driving and hazardous road conditions. Mexico's driving customs are different compared to the rest of North American and visitors must respect Mexican driving customs if they plan to drive safely in Mexico. However, despite its chaos driving in Mexico is sometimes the only way to get to some of the most beautiful and isolated towns and villages.

Mexico's tourist areas are often thick with traffic and driving in Mexico is not up to par with U.S. road safety standards. Many roads, especially rural roads, are improperly marked by signage. Many drivers in Mexico, that are unfamiliar with the area where they are traveling, often end up in ditches, hitting potholes, getting into accidents or finding themselves at an uncrossible bridges. If you plan to drive in Mexico it is always best to be prepared and carry extra cash for driving emergencies.

If driving in Mexico, Mexico has new toll roads, which are in the best condition, but charge some of the highest tolls on the globe. For this reason they are rarely used, but they obviously cut travel time while driving in Mexico. Using toll roads, while driving in Mexico, is highly recommended if you have the cash.

When it comes to gasoline while driving in Mexico, credit cards are not accepted. It's wise to purchase it at Pemex (or Petroleras Mexicanas) which is a government-owned chain of gas stations that exist throughout Mexico. Mexican gas stations sell two types of gasoline – magna (which is 87-octane unleaded gas) and premium (93 octane gasoline). Mexico sells fuel and oil both by the liter. While driving in Mexico you stop at a Mexican gas station that is not government-owned always ensure that you check that the pump attendant starts the gas pumps at $0 or you may find yourself shortchanged.

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