Mexico Taxis

Taxis in Mexico are generally the most convenient way for tourists to get from Mexico's resorts to Mexico's tourist attractions and are a must for anyone who is uncomfortable at the thought of driving in Mexico. Mexico taxi travel is typically much less than the cost of renting a car for the day. Plus, Mexico taxis travel much faster and are generally much more comfortable and safer than bus travel.

Most Mexican taxi drivers generally speak a small amount of English and are used to dealing with tourists. For safe practice it is always best to have your hotel arrange for your Mexico taxi transportation, rather then to hail cabs from the street.

It is a general rule that Mexico taxi fares, for short trips within cities, are preset according to zone. Preset taxi fares in Mexico can be quite reasonable when compared to U.S. rates. However, the tourist Mecca of Los Cabos is renowned to charge exhorbant cab fares.

For long trips like the airport, or for day-excursions to nearby attractions in another city, a Mexico taxi can generally be hired for around $10 to $15 per hour; many taxi drivers will also be open to negotiate for daily rates.

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