Mexico Travel Tips

When it comes down to it we all want to go on an unforgettable vacation, but we don't want to pay an unforgettable price for it! Things to find out before you book Mexico…to get the best deal for your hotel you must ask the following questions before booking:

When should you go?
Travelers who are looking to avoid jam-packed cities should avoid Mexico's southern coast between July and September. This is peak season for North American spring break and for European travel. From October to May the weather is temperate and the tourist numbers die down so rates drop slightly. This is even truer from December to February when the weather is chilly. If tourists are many you'll have to nab a room anywhere you can. In low season you can be more selective. Note: Mexico's hotels are most crowded and most expensive on weekends. The best deals are offered midweek, so you might want to change your flight times to reflect these great rates. Remember that you win twice because flights are also cheaper mid-week.

Can I bargain over hotel rates?
The hotel rates quoted in travel books are usually the maximum rate that a hotel charges if you've walked in off the street. In Mexico everyone bargains for a better rate first. Remember to ask politely for a better rate or ask if any special rates apply to you (families and seniors are offered special rates throughout the year).

Should I go on recommendations?
We always feel more at ease staying in a hotel that has good reviews from someone we know. Check out travel message boards when planning vacations to see which Mexico hotels received good or bad reviews.

What are 'hidden extras'?
Many major hotels charge extra for certain perks - like spa facilities, phone calls, health clubs, water sports rentals, etc. Unfortunately, many guests just assume these 'hidden extras' are included in the price of their hotel room – only to end up with a bill. Be sure to ask your hotel for a list of free services so you don't end up paying more at the end of your stay.

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