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Mexico remains a favorite wedding destination and honeymoon destination among lovers. Whether it's the sun-kissed beaches and unlimited water recreation of the Yucatan Peninsula; the museums, cobbled streets and sophisticated culture of Mexico City; or the Hollywood ambience and sprawling resorts of Puerto Vallarta; Honeymooners go to Mexico because it's less expensive then many comparable Caribbean destinations. But affordable as it is, Mexico still offers its share of tropical backdrops, thousands of cultural and historic opportunities, as well as a treasure trove of romantic retreats, tucked away in lagoons or in cliff-side abodes.

For North Americans, Mexico offers Caribbean beaches and tropical breezes right in their own backyard. A flight from anywhere in the U.S. to Mexico is typically only 2 hours long, but it feels like an exotic location – ethnic foods, Mayan ruins and locals as colorful and warm as the country itself!

Mexico's top honeymoon destinations and Mexico's top wedding destinations include: Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel and Acapulco, but Cabo San Lucas and Mexico City are gaining in popularity. These Mexican destinations offer honeymooners affordable sun soaked romance and hot honeymoon getaways without breaking the bank.

Getting married in Mexico is relatively cheap and simple. A marriage license only costs $230 U.S. and the waiting period is a mere 2 to 3 days. In order to be legally wed in Mexico the bride and groom must have:

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