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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico's (pronounced and sometimes spelled Porto Vyarta) birth as a tourist haven is thanks to Hollywood. In the early 1960's movie director John Huston decided to shoot the Tennessee Williams play 'Night of the Iguana' on its welcoming shores. But perhaps it was the films stars – Ava Gardner and Richard Burton; or the romance surrounding the film between a married Burton and an also married Elizabeth Taylor that prompted international paparazzi and star-struck film fans to flood Puerto Vallarta's beautiful beachscape.

Either way, this simple silver mining port village was never the same. Business owners decided that Puerto Vallarta was the next holiday haven to the stars and splendid hotels and sprawling shopping malls extended the little Mexican village into a bustling city with a population 250,000.

The Puerto Vallarta we know today offers the same luxury and sophistication that once tempted stars like Taylor and Burton to revisit its shores – resort hotels, fine dining, a hot nightlife and more. However, the charms of this colonial Mexican village stayed intact and colonial sculptures still hug the waterfront; which welcomes vacationing visitors to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to take a sunset boardwalk stroll.

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