Must Sees Puerto Vallarta

The Isle of Yelapa– "Sit right back and you'll hear a tale"…of a tropical fantasy and the closest you'll come to time travel. This isle is only accessible by boat and takes 45-minutes to travel by water taxi from Puerto Vallarta. Yelapa is a hippy-esque sanctuary where modern conveniences like cars are not permitted, only one paved road exists and electricity was only introduced within the last 2 years.

Activities in Yelapa focus on artistic ventures, nature and outdoor recreation. Lounging on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, hiking to one of the island's two jungle waterfalls or mountain biking are popular pastimes. What the island lacks in modern convenience it makes up for in food – beachside eateries and restaurants tempt customers with menus of fresh seafood, while local merchants stroll along the beach peddling scrumptious pies.

Visitors might only plan to stay one night, but be tempted to stay two once they meet the kind local residents. There are many who rent rooms to tourists. For privacy the rustic Hotel Lagunita has 27 cabañas - all with private bathrooms (from $55 to $78 per night).

El Eden – Aptly named El Eden, this tropical park is crowned by the Mismaloya River. Breathtaking scenery and beautiful women must have something in common as El Eden was chosen as the televised location of 'Model of the Year.' Plus, the set for the blockbuster movie 'Predator', starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Much of the set still remains on the island today. Visitors to this tropical forest will be tempted to plunge into one of the spouting waterfalls or natural pools. Dry-off in the sun on a surrounding boulder and then head to Chico's Paradise Restaurant; a multi-level palapa built on giant rocks overlooking the River Tuition. During dinner you might see a brave local dive into the green pool below.

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