Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

Whether you prefer wine and fine dining or grub from a traditional Mexican taco stand, you'll find it all in Puerto Vallarta's 500+ restaurants. And the dining ambience is just as assorted – from cozy Mexican cafes, street side vendors, outdoor covered patios and romantic panoramic dining – to suit every taste and budget.

Fajita Republic Restaurant, Puerto Vallarta – is extremely popular because of its large servings of delectable food and low prices. Most famous for its steak, chicken, shrimp and vegetarian fajitas and variety of salsas, many come to Fajita Republic for the tropical grill atmosphere complete with palm trees. Their mega Fajita Rita Mango Margaritas will take your Mexico vacation to a new level.

The Blue Shrimp Restaurant, Puerto Vallarta – Shrimp-lovers will drool over Blue's fat and juicy shrimps taken from the Mexican Gulf and the Pacific Ocean. Coconut shrimp, tequila shrimp and garlic shrimp top the menu of mouth-watering delights, but lobster and rib-eye steaks are also possibilities. Dining at The Blue Shrimp is a Jules Vern novel based on this Puerto Vallarta, Mexico location. The restaurant has towering indoor trees, rock waterfalls and scattered shells as its decor. Dining is also available on the outdoor patio.

Le Kliff Restaurant & Bar, Puerto Vallarta - Perched on the edge of a cliff lies Puerto Vallarta's most succulent and scenic delights. Le Kliff is situated under a giant palapa (thatched roof) and serves treasures fresh from the ocean below – blackened fish filet, juicy jumbo shrimp and tender filet mignon. Le Kliff was named in The Guinness Book of World Records (in 1984/1985) for having the 'World's Largest Palapa' and was later touted, by the Sony Channel, as being among the most beautiful spots in Latin America.

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