Things to Do Puerto Vallarta

Art and nature top the things to do list in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The people of Puerto Vallarta respect artistic beauty so deeply that the Malecon, an open-air walkway in the city's downtown, has been untouched with litter and graffiti. Puerto Vallarta is also proud of their classic ties with Hollywood. The film set from the 1963 film 'Night of the Iguana', has a permanent home in Playa Mismaloya.

The Malecón – A romantic evening stroll on the Malecón is a must when visiting Puerto Vallarta. This waterfront boardwalk stretches the entire length of downtown Puerto Vallarta, and is lined with art and sculptures from world renowned Mexican artists. Works on display include 'Nostalgia', created by Ramiz Barquett, which portrays a couple gazing out to the bay; 'Rotonda del Mar' (or 'Fantasy by the Sea') is a fantastic collection of hand-sculpted chairs by Alejandro Colunga; 'Boy on the Seahorse' has been adopted as the representative image of Puerto Vallarta. The southern end of the Malecon is graced by the grand outdoor amphitheater and Los Arcos (magnificent stone arches) where many busker festivals, folklore dances and live concerts are performed. The north end is home to the local fishermen's market. The Malecon also hosts a hot nightlife – the Hard Rock Cafe, Club 69, Mogambo and Zoo are all located along its path.

Playa Mismaloya - Some of the best snorkeling is to be had in Playa Mismaloya, an opulent pool embraced by a jagged cove, and located just 6-miles south of Puerto Vallarta. The classic film Night of the Iguana, starring Richard Burton and Ava Gardiner was filmed at Playa Mismaloya. The Mismaloya resort has preserved the film's set in its restaurant – 'La Noche de la Iguana Set Restaurant'. Guests can dine in the restaurant amid hundreds of still photographs of the movie, meanwhile the film runs continuously in a room below.

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