Waste of Time or Money

Timeshare Hustlers – Many are aware that when on a trip to Mexico you will likely, at one point or another, be bombarded by salesman trying to pitch you a timeshare presentation. What you might not be aware of is the sneaky techniques many will use to get you to listen to their marketing pitches.

Rental Car Scam – If you weren't already aware, rates for rental cars are extremely expensive (and average about $65 per day) in Puerto Vallarta. However, after inquiring about these pricy car rental rates you might be pleasantly surprised when spotting a sign for a $20 a-day car rental company. But don't get too excited! Unfortunately this is a scam often used to lure unknowing tourists into timeshare presentations. The rental cars and the cheap rates don't actually exist and many tourists will be miffed if they sit through an entire 1 hour timeshare presentation and come out without a rental car.

Word of Mouth Scam – Many vacationers to foreign countries find some comfort in the referrals of others. Many feel more at ease choosing a place that others speak highly of whether it's a review of a restaurant or hotel. So beware when taking recommendations from taxi drivers, some hotel concierges and store merchants when it comes to restaurants and accommodations in Puerto Vallarta. Many taxi cab drivers are paid a commission for dropping you off to eat a certain restaurant (which is in fact patrolled by bothersome timeshare salesman). After sitting down to dine at one of these restaurants your meal will promptly be interrupted by a timeshare peddler and his brochures. And you may find your time wasted and your belly still hungry.

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