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Puerto Vallarta Taxis are plentiful and relatively inexpensive. Most rates are charged by zone and are generally posted in the lobbies of hotels. Taxis can also be hired by the hour or day. Rates run $12 to $15 per hour, with full-day discounts. Taxis are a great alternative to renting a car, but beware of restaurant recommendations offered by taxi drivers as many receive a commission from restaurants.

Puerto Vallarta Rental Cars - are available at the airport and through travel agencies, but unless you're planning a distant side trip, car rentals are too expensive (about $66 per day) and parking is pretty much impossible to find. However, don't get too excited if you've found a $20 car rental - these are used to lure people into timeshare presentations.

Puerto Vallarta City Buses - are inexpensive and supply routes all across town. The bus sign in the front window will indicate the bus destination. Some buses also post the names of hotels they pass, such as Crystal, Fiesta Americana, Sheraton, etc. Bus routes typically run from 6 am to 11 pm and fares are about 40-cents. Puerto Vallarta buses with names like 'Terminator' and 'Rambo' are extremely aggressive and rarely stop for pedestrians. Bus accidents are frequent on Puerto Vallarta streets.

Puerto Vallarta Boat – Tourists catch excursion boats at Terminal Maritime to Yelp, Las Animas, Quimixto, and the Marietas Islands. It's located north of town near the airport and you must pay a $1 fee (federal tax) to access the pier.

Puerto Vallarta Water Taxis – Depart on the hour to Yelapa, Las Animas, and Quimixto. Tickets are generally $12 (round-trip). Private water taxis range from $35 to $55 and allow you the freedom to choose your own return time. Water taxis transport a maximum of 8 passengers for a flat rate.

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